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2011-03-19 09:57:21 by ThePunchmaster

Computer broke, Mkay, Lost all my flash projects, Mkay, Sad face. Mkay.

About 50% done!f

2011-02-09 14:48:29 by ThePunchmaster

Around half of the new animation im doing, Is done. Its a Colord, Better animated, Version of "The bug.".

Going slow...

2011-01-11 18:44:11 by ThePunchmaster

cant animate to much now. Got some things to do, but It WILL get out soon!

The Bug

2011-01-02 19:53:42 by ThePunchmaster

As of today, im re-doing the bug flash animation, with colour, Better work and effort, more smoothed out ETC. Stay tuned for it!


2010-12-22 03:00:02 by ThePunchmaster

I just re-installed my Adobe CS5 after a fatal Laptop Error causing all of my files to be gone from a complete system repair. I lost a Flash i was working on worth almost a week of work. Im starting fresh, with a new idea. Stay tuned!

Adobe CS5 i haz.

2010-11-19 15:59:13 by ThePunchmaster

i haz.

You cant Spell Crash without CS......................4.

i keep getting "The application adobe cs4 has unexpectedly quit....durp" and i cant fix it.

ok, i was about to start up flash and i got the error in the subject. Now, can anyone please tell me a fix? adobe told me nothing. Since most people on this website probally have to deal with flash errors and stuff, this is the only place i thought of leaving this message.

Google has failed, Adobe forums too.



2010-11-13 02:23:02 by ThePunchmaster

i was in the middle of making a flash and i got this error "the application adobe flash cs4 has suddenly quit". so, i closed it down and restarted flash. same thing on startup. over and over again. so i restarted my computer. Same thing. and unistalled flash. Still has the error.
im using the Retail version (i paid) and i dont know what to do to fix it :S

Please comment a fix!

I have an idea.

2010-11-11 23:41:09 by ThePunchmaster

Got an idea for a new flash. im not gonna Give the idea out but il tell you two things.

1. it involves a Stupid looking green dragon.
2. Im putting effort into it. :D